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Danshell Learning Disability and Autism Services 

Danshell supports and cares for adults living with a learning disability or autism in specialist hospitals and residential services. Our aim is to deliver effective and outcome based services within person centred, professional care environments. We support individuals with a learning disability, who are on the autistic spectrum or have mental or physical ill health. We set high standards for ourselves in the delivery of care, and most importantly, we put service users at the centre of everything we do.

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Violet's* Journey


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Violet* has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and suffers from episodes of anxiety. Violet* had been in a number of facilities before coming to Whorlton Hall, including a medium secure unit.

During her time at the secure unit, she assaulted other individuals and on numerous occasions displayed threatening and at times sexually explicit behaviour.

Violet* came to Whorlton Hall for nursing support, assessment, behavioural treatment and rehabilitation.

Upon admission to Whorlton Hall her behaviours included verbal aggression, physical aggression, allegations, self-injurious behaviours, obsessive compulsive behaviour, inappropriate sexualised behaviour and swallowing of inedible items.

Violet’s care and treatment plan was carefully formulated with her involvement as far as possible, using a PBS approach. The focus from admission was on using an MDT approach to make her care and treatment proactive rather than reactive. With high levels of consistency in these approaches  by her supporting staff, and dedicated input from the MDT clinical team, Violet responded well to this form of care, and began to enjoy a more stable and beneficial quality of life. Her presenting risks reduced to an acceptable level and Violet was able to gain confidence and learn the required skills for her future, whilst still receiving a consistent level of support. Violet* was discharged from her section and continued to stay at Whorlton Hall as an informal service user.

As part of her care pathway, Violet* has since moved to a residential service with nursing care. Violet’s* ultimate dream is to be able to live in a supported living facility within the community.