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Danshell Learning Disability and Autism Services 

Danshell supports and cares for adults living with a learning disability or autism in specialist residential services and hospitals. Our aim is to deliver effective and outcome based services within person centred, professional care environments, supporting people to have the most choice and independence possible. We set high standards for ourselves in the delivery of care, and most importantly, we put the people we support at the heart of everything we do.

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Working towards independence for Edward*

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Edward* displayed self-injurious behaviour involving slapping, punching and head banging in addition to causing destruction to property. As a result, Edward* was limited with his community access due to the risk of self-injurious behaviour and frequent changes in mood.

He is a very active man and enjoys participating in a varied activity programme. He is always polite with good social interaction with his peers and staff. He reviews his activity programme weekly, making changes that ensure he is happy with the activities he participates in. It is important to create a person centred approach to Edward’s* programme and support to facilitate the activities he wishes to participate in.

One of the activities’ Edward* enjoys is called “Communications for You”. This has involved going to a local university, the NEC and the Children’s Hospital to talk to professionals and students about how to communicate effectively with an individual who has a learning disability. Since residing at Willow House, he has developed new skills such as working towards his unescorted leave. Edward* visits a  local National Trust site, where he has agreed unescorted leave time to enjoy the gardens and the onsite cafe. Edward* knows that this is a gradual process because he is a vulnerable adult and his safety is important.