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Danshell Learning Disability and Autism Services 

Danshell supports and cares for adults living with a learning disability or autism in specialist hospitals and residential services. Our aim is to deliver effective and outcome based services within person centred, professional care environments. We support individuals with a learning disability, who are on the autistic spectrum or have mental or physical ill health. We set high standards for ourselves in the delivery of care, and most importantly, we put service users at the centre of everything we do.

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All health and social care services in England and Scotland are regulated to ensure minimum standards are met and that these requirements are adhered to.

Following an inspection, the regulatory body issues a report which may include an action plan to be completed at the earliest opportunity to ensure compliance. These documents act as a checklist for the regulator and the service to make sure all actions are completed.

For services in England, you can find the latest CQC report for a service on the service's page here on our website. Each English service page also has a link to the full report on the CQC website. For Scottish services, please take a look at the regulatory websites (Care Inspectorate and HIS - links below) to find our full reports. For any further information, don't hesitate to contact us.
Click here to find our contact information.


The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The CQC are the independent regulator for all health and social care services in England, whether they are provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations. They also protect the rights of people detained under the Mental Health Act. 

The CQC check all our hospitals and residential services in England to ensure they are meeting national standards, and they share their findings with us and the public.  They are able to take action against providers who do not meet minimum requirements or if a service user's basic needs are not being met.


The Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate is the independent scrutiny and improvement body for care services in Scotland.  They make sure people receive high quality care and ensure that services promote and protect their rights.


Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)

The purpose of the HIS is to support healthcare providers in Scotland to deliver high quality, evidence-based, safe, effective and person-centred care; and to scrutinise those services to provide public assurance about the quality and safety of that care.

We additionally have and monitor our own compliance and quality assurance using important tools:

Quality Development Review

Our governance team will visit our services, unannounced, to ensure that they are meeting CQC, Care Inspectorate and HIS standards to provide the highest quality of care. These visits are used to ensure that we are compliant, and providing a high level of quality support in our services. 

Internal Service Review

These meetings are held monthly and take the form of a panel of executives and managers chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. The primary role and function of these meetings is to review the service and provide integrated support to achieve organisational objectives including regulatory compliance.