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Danshell Learning Disability and Autism Services 

Danshell supports and cares for adults living with a learning disability or autism in specialist residential services and hospitals. Our aim is to deliver effective and outcome based services within person centred, professional care environments, supporting people to have the most choice and independence possible. We set high standards for ourselves in the delivery of care, and most importantly, we put the people we support at the heart of everything we do.

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Across the UK, over 1 million people have a learning disability. Learning disabilities may affect the way that a person learns new things, understands information and communicates with others. This means that they may have difficulties with things such as household activities, learning new skills, socialising or coping independently. People with a learning disability may also have a physical disability.

Learning disabilities vary in severity and people will need different levels of support depending on their needs. With the right support, individuals with a learning disability can lead full and independent lives.

A learning disability is caused by something affecting the brain during its development. This will be before, during or just after birth. Brain development can be affected by many different factors; however, in many cases there are no known causes for an individual to have a learning disability.

Our services have considerable experience and expertise in supporting people with a learning disability to develop independent skills and to live an active and happy life.