From Crisis to Community in 7 weeks

Newbus Grange exterior 1Noel* is a gentleman with a diagnosis of a learning disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome and epilepsy. Noel* is very sensitive to change with all aspects of his day to day life, and changes can increase his stress and anxiety.

Noel* was admitted to Newbus Grange under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. Noel* had been living successfully in the community for nearly 15 years before coming to Newbus Grange. The placement broke down when Noel’s* anxiety levels increased and he became aggressive towards his staff team.

With the staff team’s extensive knowledge of autism, they began to work with Noel* straight away, to ensure he developed a daily routine. They gave him consistency and predictability and were able to give Noel* additional information through easy read booklets. With only one incident occurring during his stay at Newbus Grange, Noel* very quickly gained confidence in the staff team that were supporting him. They were even able to take Noel* back to his home town to attend a medical appointment that he already had in place. The staff team and Noel* made a day of this by seeing family while they were in the area.

It was anticipated upon admission that Noel’s* discharge plan would be 8-12 weeks. Following such a successful treatment plan, Noel* was discharged after only 7 weeks back into his community placement. He is now settled and feeling much happier.