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Zac’s* Story


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Zac* was 27 when he came to Old Leigh House and was detained under the Mental Health Act. He was also on 2:1 observations due to his behaviours and suicidal ideations. He had a diagnosis of personality and behavioural disorders and emotionally labile disorder due to brain damage. He had a long history of criminal behaviour, aggression, inappropriate sexual behaviour and self-harm.

Zac* progressed well at Old Leigh House and with the support of the team overcame a number of challenges, which helped him to manage his aggression and offending impulses. During this time his relationship with his daughter was re-established and he was supported to have regular contact with her, giving him great focus. Zac’s* communication difficulties were a great frustration to him as he was unable to verbally communicate.

The team at Old Leigh House helped to identify a suitable communication device which allowed him to effectively let people know his feelings and needs. He also struggled to walk due to an unstable gait, hindering his independence with a risk of falls. An appropriate mobility aid was identified and, with support from a physiotherapist, Zac* was able to gain independence in the community.

He attended a local college and was nominated for an achievement award. He continued his studies at the college enrolling on courses such as independent living skills, English and a mainstream art class. Zac* was also able to gain work experience in a local charity shop to help him to develop skills and prepare him for future paid work.

As Zac* neared the end of his care pathway at Old Leigh House, plans were put in place for his discharge and a suitable placement was found in a step-down service. Zac* continues to progress receiving support but with greater independence.