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The right support for Rodney*


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After several years at a long stay hospital followed by a period in a supported living service, Rodney* came to Trinity House. Rodney* has thrived in the environment, with a balance of support and independence.

Over the past year, Rodney* has attained a Scottish Vocational Qualification in Horticulture and he puts his knowledge and skills to good use. He takes a great interest in the garden at Trinity House and the ‘Secret Garden’ a few miles away.  Rodney* built a compost box and he ensures that lots of compost is made to feed the gardens. Rodney* particularly enjoys growing plants from seeds. He has recently applied for a voluntary placement at a local animal sanctuary and he also volunteers at a local place of worship where he helps in the garden. Rodney* is a keen angler, athletic club member and attends football matches regularly.

Rodney* continues to make progress with increased independence at Trinity House.