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Physical Health Conditions

People with Learning Disabilities have a much greater chance of developing physical health problems compared to the non-Learning Disabled population. In some cases the cause of Learning Disability also leads to specific physical health conditions e.g. Down’s syndrome has a link with heart problems

In addition, they are likely to find it more difficult than others to describe their symptoms. As a result it is more difficult for health-care workers to identify health needs among people with learning disabilities, thus leaving some problems left unrecognised.

It has also been found that people also have reduced access to generic preventative screening and health promotion procedures, such as breast or cervical screening.

As a result of higher frequency of illness and later diagnosis, people with a Learning Disability often die many years sooner than their non-disabled peers

At Danshell we ensure optimum physical health care for all of our service users and facilitate active health promotion in all of our services.  Everyone will receive an Annual Health check by an experienced General Practitioner

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