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Hollyhurst Lodge

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Hollyhurst Lodge Residential Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Hollyhurst Lodge in Darlington is a residential care home with nursing which delivers 24 hour care and support for 2 people in a self-contained bespoke lodge adapted to meet their individual needs.

The service was specially designed in partnership with local commissioners and community teams to provide personalised support for 2 people with complex histories. Hollyhurst Lodge was developed based on the specific individual requirements of the service users.  These include individual lounges that have been decorated with the support of their families, a secure kitchen designed around the individual and a private garden.

People may come to Hollyhurst Lodge for many reasons, including people who are living with a learning disability who have a long history of complex behaviours. These individuals may also have additional mental and physical ill-health and behaviours that challenge service delivery.

At Hollyhurst Lodge we believe that everyone should be treated as a full and valued member of their community with the same rights as everyone else. Our goal is to enable people to structure their time; build relationships and establish a balance between therapy, self-care, work and leisure as appropriate to their individual needs. Community based activities give people opportunities to meet other, experience new activities, participate in leisure activities and practice social skills. Activities depend on individual preferences and can include a variety of community based and educational choices.

About Hollyhurst Lodge

Hollyhurst Lodge is a detached bungalow set in the grounds of Hollyhurst Residential Service in Darlington. Accessed via a private tree lined drive Hollyhurst Lodge has its own private garden, which is home to a spacious garden room, seating area and sensory garden.

Within the property there are 2 living and dining areas for each service user to have their own space and independence.

Each individual has their own bedroom and they have been encouraged to help choose how to decorate their bedroom and living space. There is a fully equipped kitchen where they can learn how to cook meals and snacks for them and their visitors.

Within walking distance is the market town of Darlington which has many community facilities for people to access including leisure centres, social clubs, shops, colleges and work placement settings.

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Person Centred Care

Hollyhurst Lodge - Person Centred Care

Danshell Logo small3When an individual moves to Hollyhurst Lodge, near Durham, we work with them to ensure that the care we deliver is person centred.
Using person centred approaches and tools we find out what is important to them, how they want us to assist them and, crucially, their dreams and aspirations. This information informs the care and support we provide and helps us to ensure we are clear about what is working or not working for the individual in their day to day lives.

We aim to ensure that we utilise all opportunities to hear and act on the views of the people who use Hollyhurst Lodge in Darlington, and those who know and care about them. This includes ensuring they, and their family and carers are fully involved in processes such as the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and in evaluating the service we provide.

Family Matters

Hollyhurst Lodge - Family Matters

Friends 2At Hollyhurst Lodge in Darlington, we recognise that the people we serve are part of a wider circle of family, friends and networks that are important to them and, important to us.

We encourage service users to identify family and friends who care about them. We aim to work in partnership with them to ensure we provide the right service for their relative but also to support them in their own right as a family carer.

Personal Activities Plan

Hollyhurst Lodge - Personal Activities Plan

activies personalHollyhurst Lodge, in Darlingham, Co Durham, has a dedicated activities co-ordinator who supports service users to have individual person centred plans.

The wants, needs and interests of each individual are established through a variety of sources of information and communication with key people. Service users are supported to participate in social activities that may be of interest to them through the well-established network of community based groups.

Positive Behaviour Support

Hollyhurst Lodge - Positive Behaviour Support

People’s lives are usually enhanced when they benefit from a variety of activities each day; an active network of friends, neighbours, relatives and acquaintances which reflect the personal preferences of the individual. PBS provides a framework to support people to achieve these things regardless of the challenges.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life by creating responsive environments and building new skills. We aim to provide tailored and comprehensive skilled support rather than simply attempting to reduce specific behaviours.

A safe place to be

Hollyhurst Lodge - A Safe Place To Be

Safe Place TwoOur organisation is committed to delivering care and support in a safe, dignified and respectful manner. We have an extensive governance system that monitors individual and organisation performance against a range of safety and outcome indicators. Using electronic reporting systems we are able to monitor and act swiftly in response to incidents or untoward events.

Across all services there is an independent and confidential whistle blowing policy and service for all staff to use if they are worried about service user safety, care and well-being. This is something that can be used at Hollyhurst Lodge in Darlington. 

Service User Involvement

Hollyhurst Lodge - Service User Involvement

people-pic-4Individuals are encouraged and supported to say how they feel about all aspects of using Hollyhurst Lodge in Darlington. This includes their views about how we provide support to them and also about aspects of service delivery such as day opportunities.

There is a Service User Forum that meets regularly and discusses a wide a range of issues from social events to day to day issues such as mealtimes and menu's.

The wider organisation also has processes in place to ensure the voice of those who use our services is heard. These include forums, service user questionnaires and exit questionnaires that utilise a suite of easy read materials and technologies such as 'Talking Mats' to enable maximum participation.

All service users have direct access to an independent advocate. The advocacy group working at Hollyhurst Lodge is called VoiceAbility.

Service Staffing

Hollyhurst Lodge - Service Staffing

A Choose holiday supportThe service is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a registered nurse on duty at all times. The team is made up of the service manager, nurses, support workers, an activities co-ordinator and other ancillary staff.

Clinical Team:

Psychiatrist:Dr Tony Perini
Psychologist: Marcus Kibel
Assistant Psychologist:
Rachel Taylor
Occupational Therapist:
John-Paul Husband
Director of Governance & Nursing: 
Marie Greenberry
Group Medical Director: 
Dr Steve Wilkinson

Hollyhurst Lodge Residential Service

118 Woodland Road
County Durham
phone-easyread 01325 252 002

Manager: Jo Crook
mail 25x25 



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