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Rachael Taylor - Assistant Psychologist

About Rachael Taylorrachael

Rachael completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology, focusing on risk taking, fear of physical harm and anxiety behaviours.  Following this she completed a postgraduate in Developmental and Cognitive Neuroscience, her thesis focusing on action affordances and Visual Agnosia.  Rachael has worked for a variety of clients within the NHS, private organisations and charities within the North East.  She has a strong interest in research and has previously held a research position at both Durham and Sunderland University.

Rachael is now an Assistant Psychologist for all Danshell services in the North East, where she assists the Consultant Clinical Psychologist in administering psychometrics and therapeutic interventions.

Specialism Areas

Learning Disabilities 

Autistic Spectrum Disorder 

Challenging Behaviour 


MSc Develomental and Cognitive Neuroscience

BSc Psychology (Hons)

Certificate in Safe Handling Medication level 2

Certificate in Health and Social Care level 2

Certificate in Dementia Awareness level 2


Whorlton Hall



Newbus Grange

Thornfield Grange



Victoria House

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