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  • Ranaich House Achieves 'HealthyLiving' Award!

    Healthy Living Award positive wideCongratulations to Ranaich House residential care home in Dunblane for achieving the 'HealthyLiving' Award!

    The award recognises those who strive to promote the principles of a healthy balanced diet, using healthier ingredients and preparation methods, and is fully supported by the Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland.

    The staff team and service users have been working hard towards this award for months, making changes in how the chef prepares meals, as well as educating staff and service users to ensure everyone was up for the challenge.

    The food at Ranaich House had previously not been as healthy as it could have been. The Manager and Chef got together to plan out how they could still offer tasty food choices, but without deep frying. They started using spray-lite to either bake or grill the food, and no one noticed the difference!

    As this was such a huge success, they decided that the deep fryer was no longer needed. Now they don’t have the opportunity to deep fry at all, and nobody has missed it. They have now received positive comments not only from service users, but also neighbours, who have commented that they could tell when dinner was being prepared because of the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

    Healthy Living Collage

    This has been such a positive change for everyone involved. Now service users join staff on trips to the local fish market, butchers and fruit and veg shops. Everyone has enjoyed having tasting sessions to learn about the healthy choices they can make, and to try food they may not have had the opportunity to try before. Staff ensure service users are involved in meal preparation, and enjoy teaching them about the benefits of reducing sugar and fat in their diet.

    TaglineWell done to the whole team for working so hard and achieving this great award. This is a great achievement and a testament to how hard the staff have worked to improve the healthiness of the food at Ranaich House, and therefore the health and wellbeing of the service users they support. Congratulations!

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  • Wast Hills is 'Outstanding'

    Wast Hills Outstanding StarWe are absolutely delighted to announce that Wast Hills Hospital in Kings Norton, Birmingham has been rated by the Care Quality Commission as ‘Outstanding’.

    Wast Hills is one of only a very small percentage of care services which have received the ultimate accolade from the regulator.

    Wast Hills is an independent hospital providing specialist support and services for adults on the autistic spectrum with associated complex needs.

    The inspectors noted significant areas of outstanding practice throughout the service, rating Wast Hills as overall Outstanding. The inspectors noted that to; ‘promote patients’ wellbeing, staff used positive behaviour support to effectively understand, anticipate and meet patients’ needs.’They additionally noted that ‘staff treated patients with kindness, dignity and respect’.

    Our own model of care was also praised and the report stated that ‘Staff followed a model of care called ‘Personal PATHS’ that was developed by the Danshell Group. PATHS supported patients across five areas; positive behaviour support, appreciative enquiry for staff, patients and carers to reflect, to achieve therapeutic outcomes, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide safe services’.

    Further positive comment from the inspector recorded that ‘External professionals praised Wast Hills for their quality multidisciplinary and inter-agency working practices. They were highly positive about the progress their patients made at Wast Hills, noting significant reductions in self-harm behaviours, incidents and observation levels’.

    The report also observed that ‘The company invested in, and was responsive to the needs of staff. As a result, staff morale was very good. Managers listened to their staff and provided them with additional resources when they needed them’. The inspectors additionally noted that ‘the company had agreed funding to “over fill” nursing vacancies so the unit would not be short staffed when patient numbers grew’.

    In addition to the excellent care and support given at the hospital, the CQC report highlighted that ‘Wast Hills staff delivered free training and education to community facilities such as hotels and leisure services where patients enjoyed activities. They did this to raise awareness, share best practice and improve access for people with autism’.

    Wast Hills has also been recognisedat the National Autistic Society’s Professional Awards 2017 and last year received the ‘Great Autism Practice Award’ at the prestigious National Learning Disabilities and Autism Awards.

    Mel Ramsey

    Mel Ramsey, our Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is a fantastic achievement, which is great credit to every member of staff at Wast Hills and the wider Danshell team. Our incredible rating is down to the care and support our staff provide every single day and their willingness to always go the extra mile.

    “I am absolutely thrilled that everyone’s hard work has been rewarded, the comments from the inspector are heart-warming, and I am so very proud to be working with such a fantastic team of people who are making such a positive difference to the lives of the people we support.”

    Click here to read the full report on the CQC website

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