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Danshell Academy and Training


As stated in the Danshell Quality Strategy we will ensure that organisational training supports the development of skills and competencies required to meet the needs of service users in order to effectively deliver the Personal PATHS model of care.

The Danshell Academy Learning and Development Strategy has been published to ensure we build on the energy and commitment of staff by ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge to make their unique contribution to the organisation and those we serve.

The strategy focuses on key initiatives to strengthen the way Danshell manages and delivers learning and development opportunities for its staff, service users and their family carers. We believe this to be a unique approach that recognises the importance of the partnership between our staff, service users and their families and, that successful care and support is strengthened by creating opportunities to increase the confidence, knowledge and expertise of each party. 

The overall aims of the Danshell Academy and this strategy are:

  • To cultivate an exceptional learning environment for all our clinical and non-clinical staff to enable them to provide excellent service and to be celebrated and rewarded for doing so.
  • To sustain a workforce that is able to adapt and deliver to the future needs of service users and to meet the expectations of those who commission our services on their behalf.
  • To create career pathways and assist the implementation of a Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) with individual Training Profiles (TP) for every role.
  • To secure and sustain workforce supply and maintain continuity of care and organisational memory.
  • To create an organisational focus on developing and managing internal talent to reduce financial cost and efficiency losses associated with external recruitment.
  • To promote excellence in leadership and team working in both clinical and operational roles and to identify and develop current and future leaders who are able to deliver our organisational aims.
  • To further the aims of our Quality Strategy and embed quality improvement and better delivery of care, as a key focus in all curriculum activity.
  • To enable the delivery of our model of care: Personal PATHS, with a workforce that is confident and competent to achieve the outcomes for service users articulated within.
  • To acknowledge and facilitate the learning needs of service users and families and the expertise they can contribute to the education and development of our workforce.
  • To promote our mission and values and harness the power of learning and development as a key enabler to make sure they are reflected in the character of our workforce.

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