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The Director of Governance and Nursing leads a team that includes expertise in nursing, governance, compliance, policy, audit and risk management. There are also Consultant Nurses supporting every region in England and Scotland.

The focus for the Governance Team is to provide assurance of patient safety, the delivery of high quality care and measurable positive outcomes through a number of key initiatives which include the implementation of the company's Quality Strategy, the Annual Audit Plan and the Annual Internal Quality Development Reviews. The Quality Development Review (QDR) is a key vehicle for internal assurance undertaken at least annually and comprises unannounced visits by a team of experts that include external and service user representation. This work is supported by the Consultant Nurses who also provide professional nursing leadership, clinical expertise and supervision. The whole team oversee and maintain a number of key processes including the development of company policies and procedures, risk registers and regulatory actions.

The Governance Team undertake monthly analysis across key proxy indicators of patient safety and outcomes for each service and region. This is examined and discussed at the Internal Whistleblowing and Safeguarding meeting and at the Board. This information is used to monitor and continually improve the quality of care provision and to support and inform the operational management of services via Individual Service Review meetings and at unit, regional and national governance meetings.

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Danshell Quality Reports:

 Quality Account 2015 16IAM 2016

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