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Danshell’s Handlebar Heroes

Danshell are supporting Movember with their very own fundraising team the 'Danshell Handlebars', to not only raise funds but to create awareness.

November sees the moustache becoming the symbol for men's health as all over the country men grow a mo for charity. Whether handlebar, pencil or fu manchu it is a symbol to spark conversations about important health issues including testicular and prostate cancer.

Danshell Staff from all over the UK have already pledged their support, so whether you're a guy who would like to grow a mo or a gal who wants to support the team, enlist to the Danshell Handlebars here : The site shows the team and regular updates will be posted on our hairy journey!

You can find out more about why you should join in and Movember, by taking a look at the causes here:

Quality Road Shows are coming to our Services in the South East

Danshell will be holding two of its pioneering 'quality road shows' in the South East in November as it works to bring everyone involved in the Danshell services together to discuss thoughts, ideas, and experiences about the services that we provide.

The road shows aim to bring service users, their families, local commissioners, and all levels of staff together in the same place, so they can really benefit from shared discussion and exchange their views on our services.

At Danshell, we are always striving to ensure that we provide the best possible levels of care and support. A fundamental part of this commitment is ensuring service users play an active role in shaping delivery and improvement. In bringing them together with families and staff from a range of services, the road shows play a key role in the enabling the sharing of ideas and best practice.

Our next road show, for adult services, will be held on 14th November at Colchester Football Club. For those involved in children's services, we will be getting together on the 20th November in Attleborough. We are hugely excited about both of these events and look forward to posting a full report after they've happened, so watch this space!

Danshell’s Winter People’s Parliament Meeting

Once again Danshell service users came together from across the services in the North East to discuss their ideas and questions in a forum which they have been supported to put together called "Peoples Parliament" This month's Peoples Parliament was held in Darlington on Friday 25th October 2013 and we look forward to hearing about it and providing and update.

The idea for the People's Parliament came from the service users themselves, who were keen to establish a forum where they could meet people from different units and share their thoughts, experiences and ideas for the future. As some service users do not have words, communication tools are in place such as photographs, pictures, stickers, pens, and other visual tools so all service users are involve.

Danshell's Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Murray said; "We welcome this proactive way of gleaning the opinions of service users and getting their points of view up to board level. It is my responsibility to respond to the points which are raised and to make sure service users are heard".

Since an inaugural meeting in August 2012, the People's Parliament has continued to grow, and will continue to meet every two months. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome to do so. The staff members present are there to facilitate the meeting, with service users very much shaping the agenda and leading the discussions.

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October in a Nut Shell

October has been a busy month for Danshell and great progress has been made following the official formation of the Danshell Group eight weeks ago.
We've had positive CQC inspections at Victoria House and Redlands, lots of productive meetings with commissioners, as well as the arrival of many new members of permanent staff.

The Marketing Team have been hard at work this month working closely alongside our governance, HR, clinical, operational and nursing teams. They are always on hand to answer questions and are equally keen to hear about great events and stories that are happening at the individual services!
The HR teams in Darlington and London continue to work together reviewing and merging HR policies and procedures. A new Danshell Staff Handbook is currently being put together and we're looking forward to being able to distribute it to everyone soon.

Recruitment continues in the South East for a Regulation and Compliance Manager, Consultant Nurse and an Audit & Governance Coordinator. We are excited about filling these positions and welcoming new members of staff to the Danshell family.

We're really happy with how the Danshell Group has progressed over the last few weeks and are especially proud of all our staff, who have been so positive throughout the transition, ensuring that the excellent quality of care that we provide has been consistently maintained throughout the process.

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